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Aylin Woodward is a science and environment reporter for Business Insider in New York City. She is a proud graduate of the UC Santa Cruz Science Communication program, and graduated in 2015 from Dartmouth College with an A.B. in biological anthropology and government.

Previously, she was a script writer and producer for Tam Communications, a creative storytelling agency in Santa Cruz, CA. She also contributed to Live Sciencefreelanced for the UC Santa Cruz and UC San Francisco news offices, as well as Stanford School of Medicine and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and wrote scripts for SciShow on YouTube.

A peripatetic soul, Aylin has made four cross country moves in half as many years, with only her two cats and her roller skates in tow. First she traded the wilderness of the Granite State for the beaches of Monterey Bay, and then did a brief stint in heart of Cambridge's urban jungle writing for New Scientist. Unable to stay away from the #BestCoast, she moved back to California for a year of sand, sun, and freelancing. Now, she's taking on the Big Apple.

Aylin loves to write about human evolution, primates, functional morphology, barefoot running, foot anatomy, and paleoanthropology. Commercial space and natural disaster reporting are recent interests, and she hopes to unravel this whole bitcoin/blockchain mystery soon.

When not frantically meeting deadlines or interviewing sources, Aylin can be found on the nearest roller derby track, or surfing the nearest beach. 

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