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 Featured Works from 2017-2020 

My scoop about the power of Nike Vaporfly shoes — even over runners from competing brands — took months to go live. Vaporfly tech is so energetically efficient that non-Nike athletes run secretly in “blacked-out” versions so they’re not left behind. Read by 2.6 million unique readers in five days.

Published on Business InsiderMarch 13, 2019 (image courtesy of American Museum of Natural History). Reached more than one million page views in 24 hours. 

In a lost lake 3,500 feet under the Antarctic Ice, scientists just found the carcasses of tiny creatures

Published on Business Insider, January 19, 2019.

Published on October 4, 2018 as part of the Life's Little Mysteries series.

Feature written during UC Santa Cruz science communication program, published online for Science Notes.

Investigative report with Teresa Carey. Originally a graduate school assignment for UC Santa Cruz, published online by BuzzFeed news.

A five-minute film that explores the efforts of UCSC astronomers to make their field more welcoming to talented minority and women scientists. In the video, four graduate students of color and the department's ambitious chair share the challenges they've faced and potential solutions for the future.


Featured by the American Astronomical Society. See film on YouTube or my video channel here.

Published in Scientific American. Q&A with psychologist Robin Dunbar at the 2017 AAAS meeting in Boston, MA.

Published in the San Jose Mercury News. Involved scheduling the photoshoot and video sessions with all three teams and producing the associated video with Tor Haugan and Josie Lepe.

Coverage of annual American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting session for Science Magazine

Published in Science News. In print Feb. 18.

Published on the front page of the Salinas Californian newspaper.

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